[aprssig] BRRRAAAPS and listening

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 21 14:59:44 CDT 2011

> So... what do I do when I'm in an area where digis 
> will NOT repeat my packets with less than 400 mS TXD? 

Get on the horn and complain.  We all need to help identify errors in the
national network and lobby to get them fixed.  They will never get fixed
until the sysop gets motivated or dies...  Usually the latter...

> I might also point out that there is a fairly large area 
> west of about Abilene, TEXAS where RELAY,WIDE seems to 
> still be in use.  Kinda odd.

I donno, but looking at ourselves at hamfests, we are a pretty diverse
bunch.  I'm slapping my fingers to avoid the temptation to say more...


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