[aprssig] Soundcard Packet Analyzer

Tad Burnett tadburnett at vermontel.net
Sat Oct 22 21:44:19 CDT 2011

I found many years ago the best way to tune modulation
was to tweek mod. and check for the shortest TXD that a distant
station would receive/digipete your signal....

On 10/22/2011 10:12 PM, Steve Noskowicz wrote:
> Nice idea.
>    And if it can decode the packet, it should display it so you know who to contact.  I haven't listened lately,but a while back there was a signal around NE Illinois with a squeal before the pasket and it wouldn't decode on the D7 ot D700.
> The variation in the sound of the various packets is quite striking.
>    Being from the "old school" (whatever that is) it always fried me when the younger Engineers (@ Motorola) wouldn't have a speaker on while measuring receivers, but just reading the digital readouts of the HP test equipment.
>    Hey! it's HP, it has to be reading correctly.  Sure, but just WHAT is it reading??
> Whlne, Whine, "but I, or someone else in the lab, dislikes the 1 kc tone while measuring SINAD..."
> Last time I checked a Doppler worked quite well on an APRS squwak.

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