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[aprssig] APRS Hardware Survey

Ben Rampling aprs at bitplantation.com
Thu Oct 20 15:51:43 UTC 2011


I've done a quick survey of APRS equipment by the destination field of packets, and thought the results might be of interest to the list. The table below (at the end of this e-mail) includes all devices and software packages that were resolved in tocalls.txt and that were used by at least 10 unique callsigns in a recent 24 hour period. The data was taken from third.aprs.net (excluding CWOP data).

There were 22121 unique callsigns in the capture.

A few other things I noticed:

* tocalls.txt doesn't mention that some versions of UIDIGI use APZnnn (more UIDIGI units are using APZnnn than units using APNU in the sample).
* PocketPacket has quite a few users but isn't in tocalls.txt; it is currently using APZP14.
* "APRATS" (D-RATS), "APT4nn" (Tiny Track IIII) and "APTPV1" (Which seems to be a "Davis Vantage Pro/Tiny Pack Weather Station") might also be candidates to add to tocalls.txt.
* "APUN10" is used by IRLP nodes. aprs.fi doesn't seem to see or decode these messages; for example:

2E0PMT-1>APUN10,TCPIP*,qAC,T2EUSKADI:;IRLP-5264*191715z5326.34NC00206.10W0431.000MHz PL82.5: Linked 9660 REF

came through APRS-IS, but a search for the call on aprs.fi returns no results. APUN10 isn't in tocalls.txt either, so I'm not sure what software generates the messages.

Ben Rampling VK6IC

The list:

 5376 MIC-E
 3431 UIview 32 bit apps [APU2]
 1965 jAPRSIgate [APJI]
 1807 Generic, (obsolete. Digis should use APNxxx instead) [APRS]
 1183 Open Track [APOT]
  906 UIdigi [APNU]
  830 Kantronics KPC-3 rom versions [APN3]
  735 Tiny Track III [APT3]
  343 Xastir [APX]
  312 APRSISCE win32 version [APWW]
  299 APrsDRoid replaces old APAND1. [APDR]
  237 APRS4R software interface [AP4R]
  223 SV2AGW's AGWtracker [APAGW]
  207 Tiny Track [APTT]
  198 OpenAPRS - Greg Carter [APOA]
  191 Gates, etc [APG]
  177 for IRLP [APVR]
  151 <39 for OH2MQK's RX-igate [APRX]
  148 Icom, etc [API]
  136 UIDIGI
  123 WinAPRS, etc [APW]
  122 APRSd [APD]
  110 Experimental [APZ]
  104 Byons WXTrac [APTW]
  101 Firenet [APF]
   98 Experimental tracker by PE1RXQ [APERXQ]
   93 D-Star originated posits [APDPRS]
   77 U2APRS by JA7UDE [APDU]
   77 APRS+SA, etc [APS]
   71 for HaMDR trackers - hessu * hes.iki.fi] [APZMDR]
   67 Telemetry devices [APE]
   58 TNC-X  (K6DBG) [APNX]
   52 UIview 16 bit applications [APU1]
   52 KRAMstuff.com - Mark. G7LEU [APKRAM]
   46 Kenwood D700's [APK1]
   43 KetaiTracker by  JF6LZE, Takeki (msg capable) [APPT]
   29 SQ3FYK WX/Digi  http://sq3fyk.com/?page_id=391 [APNW]
   28 APRSdroid (replaced by APDRxx [APAND1]
   23 Cellular applications [APC]
   22 Liunx applications [APL]
   21 Network nodes, digis, etc [APN]
   20 MacAPRS, etc [APM]
   20 Kantronics KPC-9612 Roms [APN9]
   19 Kenwood D700 (APK101) type [APNK01]
   17 Yeasu [APY]
   14 Telit EZ10 GSM application ZS6CEY [APCLEZ]
   13 Kenwood TH-D72 [APK003]
   12 APRStt (Touch tone) [APRST]
   11 EYTraker GPRS/GSM tracker by ZS6EY [APCLEY]
   11 DF4IAN's WS2300 WX station [APWS]
   10 aprsg igate software, OH2GVE [APRG]
   10 HamHud, etc [APH]

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