[aprssig] 12V wiring ideas

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Sounds like he had no real idea about what we was doing, and no idea about
what happens if things go wrong!

Interestingly the advice in the UK about double-fusing and where to connect
the ground has changed.

Used to be both to the battery and double-fused.

The advice now in the radio industry is to put the ground to chassis very
close to the battery, and no fuse.


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I had specified 10a in power and ground.  The guy argued that too. He
thought it was silly to fuse ground. 

Rudy Benner <rudy at ve3bdr.com> wrote:

>I would recommend crimp and solder. Don't forget the fusing. Do it right.
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>Just for laughs, I stopped by a car install place here, and asked them for
a quote on running the battery power with hot and gnd from the battery, on
#8 into the passenger compartment.  He tries to argue that he can pick up
hot and ground under the dash, but I insist that I want it done this way..
They quote $100 for labor and 3 hours to do the job, then the guy tells me
that he'll just double up #16 wire.  (!!!)  If I want real #8, I had to buy
two amp kits for another $130.
>They said it's too expensive to stock wire by the foot.   (for WHO?) 
>I shudder to think what the job would have looked like.
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