[aprssig] deaf, dumb and blind (rescue)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Oct 29 12:37:08 CDT 2011

WA4YYM to the rescue!

I see WA4YYM barrelling down the road, beaconing his "Balloon chasing" and arriving in the driveway of the owner.  Now I can see the balloon about 200' a way in the trees...

Now 20 minutes later, I see the balloon has moved to the backyard of the house.  I can see it now.  A bunch of hams standing around explainig it to the owner.

Wow, this is like the CIA and their drones.  Im in Connecticut watching a recovery in Georgia!  This is slick.

I have never actually watched a balloon chase LIVE via the APRS-IS before..    TOo bad google earth resolution in North Georiga cannot quite see the individual trees like you can in some areas.... but you can see the guy's house (or trailer)...

Bob, WB4aPR

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>Am watching the flight of the U Alabama Balloon from Huntsville to N. GA. (UAH-1) It just landed in the woods and is still hitting the local digi.  You can see exactly where it is.
>There is not a chase vehicle in sight.  But there are at least 3 local APRS mobiles within 10 miles and everyone of them is a deaf, dumb and blind APRS tracker.
>THey didnt see the balloon, they are not beaconing their frequency, and they cannot be contacted.
>Ain't deaf-dumb-and blind APRS just great. :-(
>Bob, WB4APR
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