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Power poles do not vibrate apart unless there is tension on the wires.
There are locks available if you do not want them to pull apart.
I would rather have then pull apart than to have the wires pull out.
40 years with no problems with Power Poles

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The one concern I have about Anderson PowerPoles is that they are not 
a positive locking connector. They depend on friction to stay 
connected. Without some sort of lock, they could vibrate apart, 
especially in a mobile installation. Don't get me wrong--I love 
PowerPoles and use them in other applications. But they do have limitations.

For my mobile installs, I use a Blue Sea Systems blade fuse block. 
They are available with either 6 or 12 individually fused circuits 
and they use screw terminals for a positive, vibration resistant 
connection. The block comes with a cover so your connections are 
protected. And the design makes for a low-profile installation 
without wires sticking out perpendicular to the panel on which the 
fuse block is mounted. You can buy these fuse blocks from West Marine 
(on-line or at one of their many stores around the country). A little 
pricey, but I've never had any problems with them.


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