[aprssig] deaf, dumb and blind (rescue)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Oct 29 13:52:59 CDT 2011

YEs, its 14:46 EDT and it looks like the WA4YYM first-on-scene is starting to leave or at least move around and the Huntsville chase vehicle KG4UWE is now coming into view, thou still 20 miles to go.


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>I have been on this particular chase this time of the year a few years ago.
>- Think about how far the balloon went from Huntsville.
>- Think about the roads that cross mountains. There are not many and they
>are not straight in line with the balloon path.
>- If that balloon would have made it over that last mountain, the chase team
>would have been impeded by fewer roads in the Cohutta Mountains. I know, I
>have been there a short distance from Hell's Hollow Road. A real road that
>lived up to its name (not passable with a conventional vehicle). That chase
>required radio location skills since the APRS payload failed on crash
>landing, but the CW beacon continued.
>The landing today is a stretch from the launch site. If the chase team dos
>not leave before launch and get into a predicted landing site area, there is
>no chance they will get there very soon. Even if everything works correctly
>some places have limited road access. I still see some of the chase team
>making their way to the site.
>You should hear the story about a balloon payload that landed in
>Guntersville Lake on a busy boating afternoon. The Coast Guard got involved
>when the payload parachuted into the Lake...
>Showing the payload to the land owner, taking pictures, and talking about
>the purpose of the mission is always a fun time as long as the land owner is
>friendly. Just make sure you get permission before crossing anybody's land.
>Some land owners are not impressed with unknown or unwelcome guests.
>Tim - N8DEU
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>> WA4YYM to the rescue!
>> I see WA4YYM barrelling down the road, beaconing his "Balloon chasing" and
>> arriving in the driveway of the owner.  Now I can see the balloon about
>> 200' a way in the trees...
>> Now 20 minutes later, I see the balloon has moved to the backyard of the
>> house.  I can see it now.  A bunch of hams standing around explainig it to
>> the owner.
>> Wow, this is like the CIA and their drones.  Im in Connecticut watching a
>> recovery in Georgia!  This is slick.
>> I have never actually watched a balloon chase LIVE via the APRS-IS
>> before..    TOo bad google earth resolution in North Georiga cannot quite
>> see the individual trees like you can in some areas.... but you can see
>> the guy's house (or trailer)...
>> Bob, WB4aPR
>> Bob, WB4APR
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>>>Am watching the flight of the U Alabama Balloon from Huntsville to N. GA.
>>>(UAH-1) It just landed in the woods and is still hitting the local digi.
>>>You can see exactly where it is.
>>>There is not a chase vehicle in sight.  But there are at least 3 local
>>>APRS mobiles within 10 miles and everyone of them is a deaf, dumb and
>>>blind APRS tracker.
>>>THey didnt see the balloon, they are not beaconing their frequency, and
>>>they cannot be contacted.
>>>Ain't deaf-dumb-and blind APRS just great. :-(
>>>Bob, WB4APR
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