[aprssig] 12V wiring ideas

KA7O ka7o at ka7o.net
Sat Oct 29 14:38:03 CDT 2011

May not be quite what you're after - but it's an idea.


I love these things.

On 10/29/2011 03:47 AM, david vanhorn wrote:
> Not strictly APRS, but I'm installing radios in a new vehicle, and looking
> for ideas on handling the power distribution.
> I'd like to find something that will let me transition from the #8 or #10 ga
> hot and ground leads to powerpoles without having a huge clunky box.
> I used to drive an Expedition, and there was plenty of room for such things,
> but the new ride needs a more compact solution.
> I could always kludge something up, but with all the car stereo activity
> going on, it seems to me that there must be some sort of clean distribution
> point solution.
> All I've found so far is for #4-ish sizes, which would be pretty huge
> overkill in this case.
> Thanks.
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