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[aprssig] 12V wiring ideas

Shanon KA8SPW ka8spw at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 29 14:36:30 UTC 2011


  I use 60 amp MAXI fuses at the battery on both leads.  Then #6 red and 
black wire that I have slid the braided shield off of 9913 coax onto 
then wrap with electrical tape and put in split loom.  I ground the 
braid at the battery end only.  Fresh rubber gromet through the fire 
wall with RTV to keep out water.  I then do a fuse or screw terminal 
distribution block in the passenger compartment.

  Anderson Power Poles are nice and I use them for low amp stuff (under 
20 amp actual draw) but on HF stuff or 100 watt mobiles I use screw 
terminals.  I did tests and there is just too much voltage drop over 
APP's.  I used a fluke DMM on each side of the connection to measure the 
drop at the connection.  It is worse if they don't line up just right or 
the crimps are not done just right.  Also if there is any twist stress 
on the wire as it comes into the APP.  Measuring the same across crimped 
eye terminals was almost un-measurable.

  The shielding works for me to keep both electrical noise out of my 
power leads and RF from back radiating down the power leads and into the 
vehicles electrical system.  YMMV.

For wire I go to *West Marine* and buy it by the foot.  You can buy on 
line or find a high end audio store.  Measure twice and cut once, not cheep.

For auto wire accessories I use *Waytek Wire* at:  
*http://waytekwire.com  *Their prices are much lower than retail.

As always, this works for me and I have not had any fires or accidents.  
Your Mileage May Vary.  I do commercial installs in everything from cars 
to LARGE mobile command posts, boats, garbage trucks, ATV's to EOC's

Good Luck, Shanon KA8SPW

david vanhorn wrote:
> Not strictly APRS, but I'm installing radios in a new vehicle, and 
> looking for ideas on handling the power distribution.
> I'd like to find something that will let me transition from the #8 or 
> #10 ga hot and ground leads to powerpoles without having a huge clunky 
> box.
> I used to drive an Expedition, and there was plenty of room for such 
> things, but the new ride needs a more compact solution.
> I could always kludge something up, but with all the car stereo 
> activity going on, it seems to me that there must be some sort of 
> clean distribution point solution.
> All I've found so far is for #4-ish sizes, which would be pretty huge 
> overkill in this case.
> Thanks.

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