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[aprssig] deaf, dumb and blind (rescue)

Steven Kalmar pista01 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 17:42:08 UTC 2011

It could have been worse.  The balloon was headed for the mountains.

Steve, KD8QWT

On Oct 29, 2011, at 1:37 PM, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> WA4YYM to the rescue!
> I see WA4YYM barrelling down the road, beaconing his "Balloon chasing" and arriving in the driveway of the owner.  Now I can see the balloon about 200' a way in the trees...
> Now 20 minutes later, I see the balloon has moved to the backyard of the house.  I can see it now.  A bunch of hams standing around explainig it to the owner.
> Wow, this is like the CIA and their drones.  Im in Connecticut watching a recovery in Georgia!  This is slick.
> I have never actually watched a balloon chase LIVE via the APRS-IS before..    TOo bad google earth resolution in North Georiga cannot quite see the individual trees like you can in some areas.... but you can see the guy's house (or trailer)...
> Bob, WB4aPR
> Bob, WB4APR
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>> Am watching the flight of the U Alabama Balloon from Huntsville to N. GA. (UAH-1) It just landed in the woods and is still hitting the local digi.  You can see exactly where it is.
>> There is not a chase vehicle in sight.  But there are at least 3 local APRS mobiles within 10 miles and everyone of them is a deaf, dumb and blind APRS tracker.
>> THey didnt see the balloon, they are not beaconing their frequency, and they cannot be contacted.
>> Ain't deaf-dumb-and blind APRS just great. :-(
>> Bob, WB4APR
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