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[aprssig] 12V Wiring and Crimping

Dave kc6ete at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 18:08:13 UTC 2011

Given my failure rate of zero over more than a decade of use and several hundred pieces, I think that my soldered connections are adequate for my application. 

Larry McDavid <lmcdavid at lmceng.com> wrote:

>The most reliable terminal connections are made by crimping, not 
>soldering. However, the crimp process requires the correct crimp tool, 
>surely not something from Harbor Freight, and correct sizing of 
>terminal, wire and crimp tool.
>Solder wicks down stranded wire and causes loss of flexibility and 
>potential for vibration fatigue cracks in the wire bundle. Soldering a 
>crimped terminal is a really bad idea because a correct crimp will be 
>"gas tight" and not allow solder to enter the crimp zone; the soldering 
>temperature will also relieve the retained stress in the crimped 
>terminal material that keeps it gas tight.
>There is a great deal of engineering, not guess work, in what 
>constitutes a good crimp. Done correctly, nothing is more reliable than 
>a properly designed crimp connection.
>Anderson Power Pole connectors are nearly universal in the ham and 
>emergency communications arena here and are very reliable. The key 
>feature that is not appreciated is the spring-steel leaf spring in every 
>PowerPole connector that maintains the contact force. But, realize there 
>are various *size* PowerPole connector shells and contacts, sized by 
>current-carrying capacity. Anderson sells excellent (but, expensive) 
>four-indent crimp tools. PowerWerx sells acceptable "B-wing" crimp tools 
>for PowerPole connectors. Use of a "F-crimp" tool on a PowerPole 
>terminal will distort the crimp end of the terminal and prevent its 
>insertion into the plastic shell.
>We hams are often casual about making crimps and then complain about 
>their performance. We have only ourselves to blame.
>Bottom line: crimps work very well but you must have the correct tools.
>Larry W6FUB
>Retired Molex engineering manager
>On 10/29/2011 10:06 AM, Rudy Benner wrote:
>> I would recommend crimp and solder. Don’t forget the fusing. Do it right.
>Best wishes,
>Larry McDavid W6FUB
>Anaheim, CA  (20 miles southeast of Los Angeles, near Disneyland)
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