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[aprssig] 12V wiring ideas

david vanhorn kc6ete at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 16:30:37 UTC 2011

Exactly.   Under non-ideal situations, without expensive single-use tools,
solder seems to be a quite practical way to attach these connectors.

However, we are experiencing severe topic drift.   I did end up with a
small simple powerpole "harmonica" which I will use under the dash to break
out the connections.   I will be wiring a direct return path to the
battery, with fuses at the battery in both legs.  My main reason for this
is that I don't want to end up with alternator ripple current expressed as
voltage in my ground return.  Also, I don't believe in the general idea of
letting return currents pick their own path. They will take all possible
paths, including through the vehicle cooling system potentially causing
corrosion problems.

I also picked up a Whattmeter yesterday, which is a very cute little tool.

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