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[aprssig] Wrt setup

Lawrence LaBranche Capdiamont at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 4 17:21:23 UTC 2011

I got a linksys wrt54g router, ok-232 tnc(no upgrades) and a borrowed icom ht. I've put openWRT and aprx 2? on the router. Beaconing to aprs-is works. 

Is there any problems with this setup with dup checking, etc? I think since the aprx is handling the traffic it should be fully Be compatible with the wide 1-1 etc stuff. 

The circuit I've seen to connect the radio to the tnc has a 2.2k resistor and a 4uf capacitor. I can't find any capacitor locally with that value. I can find 4.7uf one. How ciritical is the value? What type of cap should I use?

I thought about getting the open tracker plus SMD to put inside, but not sure about the voltage levels vs the 3.3V signal levels inside the router. 


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