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[aprssig] OT: FRS & Type Acceptance WAS: Clubs, FRS ...teams

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Sun Sep 4 20:03:20 UTC 2011


Not to get into an argument with you, but back in the day of 14.4K and
slower dialup speeds, there were sometimes more, shall we say, enthusiastic
hall monitors that would immediately quash anything OT because messages
could take a while to download.  

Today, we live in an era of T1 and faster Internet connection speeds.  All
of the messages in this list can be downloaded in less than a second.
Therefore, we don't need the aggressive hall monitoring - other than to keep
people from having to read messages that they might not really care about. 

For those folks, a second or two of brain processing (to determine that the
message isn't of interest to them) and then less than 1 second to hit the
DEL key is all that's required.  If someone is too lazy to do that, then a
blacklist would be appropriate, but more in the reverse direction.  

Part of the problem that was being discussed are some HAM's that get overly
aggressive in interpreting and bringing attention to the rules and laws.
Just like some people are extremely energetic in objecting to topics that
are not of interest to them.  

In relevance to the topic, I don't think that Radio Shack and Pryme
speaker-mics which conform to the Icom standard interface are type-accepted
to be used with FRS radios.  I don't think they really have to be.
Likewise, I don't think that Bob hooking up a long speaker wire to the
speaker output jack on his FRS radio is a violation.  

Sure, if someone really cares enough to go to the FCC for a ruling on it,
and draw attention to it, they can.  Just like they can complain all day
long about messages on a topic that many of us did find interesting.  

Sorry to have offended you.  

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My DELETE key is worn out!

However, I also have a black list available.  Perhaps I can put the
offending parties in there -- along with people who suggest OFF TOPIC
discussions are just fine and if you don't like them, you should use your
delete key!  LOL!

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