[aprssig] YagTracker Update!

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Sep 9 09:36:22 CDT 2011


Wow, an AMAZING device.  Now anyone can add APRS DISPLAY capability to any radio...  and a REAL info display, not another dumb tracker!

I love the histogram and the messaging.  Also the map display is very useful.  The one thing I might suggest for the map display is a range circle overlay.  With the range circle one can instantly grasp the "scale" of the view.

The original APRSdos had this.  2 circles are fine.  One the size of the screen, and the other half that size.  They remain fixed at all zooms, and the only  thing that changes is the scale.  

At the 8 mile scale the outer circle is 8 and the inner one is 4.  Zoom out to the 64 mile scale and the inner circle is 32 and the outer one is 64. etc


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>Things are coming together nicely for this first batch of YagTrackers!  Almost half have already been pre-sold.  We expect to have everything in hand by Monday or Tuesday of this coming week.  That means we should have units available for on-site sales at the Digital Communications Conference in Baltimore, MD next weekend.
>In firmware news, Remi has corrected some minor bugs that popped up in testing of the most recent major update.  I have two units sitting on my workbench running the latest version firmware and they are working very well!
>A preliminary manual has been uploaded to our site:
>We hope to see everyone at the Baltimore, MD DCC next weekend!
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