[aprssig] 10 Sept APRS Day-Out event

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Sep 9 18:09:47 CDT 2011

Dont forget this weekend!

Ad hoc APRS exercise 10 Sept 2011 (Saturday).
147.585 using TEMPn-N digipeating...

To exercise the ad hoc capabilities of APRS, a nationwide APRS Day Out is planned to coincide with the Septemeber VHF QSO party (10 Sept).

This will be conducted on simplex 147.585 with no existing infrastructure.  The test demonstrates our ability to re-constitute connectivity using our own stations as digipeaters where needed.  Many of the stations that manned
up the 15 mountains from Maine to Georgia during the 2000 APRS packet attempt will be back on their mountains to form a backbone.

A great weekend to on 10 sept to see how the ad-hoc network looks.

See: http://aprs.org/APRS-day-out.html

This uses the special TEMPn-N capability rather than the typical WIDEn-N path.

Bob, Wb4APR

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