[aprssig] APRS Satellite mode

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 10 23:34:03 CDT 2011

--- Bob Bruninga wrote:

> >> ... You can go out into the boonies and beacon every minute and
> >> sometimes, you will be picked up by the ISS.
> > Only beacon *if* you hear other traffic.  Why
> beacon if there are no digis within earshot...?  right?
> ...when you are out of range of the APRS
> infrastructure, if anything, you want to INCREASE your rate (or at least
> keep it the same!).  You do not want to reduce it!. 
> ...out of nowhere I heard ONE packet.  It was another
> vacationer passing me in the opposite direction ...
> Bob, Wb4APR

Of course.  For the 'possible' contact this is for sure.  

 My original concept was poorly stated here.

  I was thinking of a remote location (as in camping on an extended fishing trip) where I wanted to send messages/emails and use a satellite-digi because there were no land-digis in range.  This is a case where you don't care about other potential mobiles or possibly even other remote "users".  Though other campers is another issue that could be considered as well, but not for this part of the idea.

 I was thinking pretty much of just a "satellite message" mode.  First, store the message and wait to hear the satellite (come over the horizon).  Then start blasting away with your beacons and/or message(s) as appropriate, and what is appropriate would be determined (most likely) by the satellite load (heard packet rate).  I also think there would have to be some thought given to the issue of the Sat hearing so much from land and possibly being bombarded with traffic.
  While in this case beaconing every minute is a dont't care for the non-existent 'network' , but this concept saves battery (one of my initial prime goals).  

I also understand that this is not appropriate for receiving messages unless the Sat Digis get smart enough to store then forward when they get back to the 'same' spot (no pun intended).

So I guess it's better to call it a Camping Battery Saver Satellite Message Mode.

Now that I explained my concept better, how does it sound and what are some issues?

Steve, K9DCI

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