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[aprssig] 2007 XL7 install

Dave Bachtel w7lor1 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 02:41:00 UTC 2011

I have both an FT-857D and Ft-8900 mounted in my XL7. The radios are mounted
under the rear seat on the passenger side.

I removed the extra glove compartment insert that is located directly under
the factory installed radio under the dash, fabricated a blank made of
masonite, painted it black and installed it in the vacant space. The control
heads for both radios are mounted there. The cables go through the mounting
plate and are routed behind the dash under the carpet and go through the
space under the door sill ending up under the passenger seat where the
radios are mounted.


I drilled holes and installed antennas for 6 meters, 2 meters and 440 on the
roof. The antenna cables come down the door post on the right side of the
car and end up under the rear seat.


I know some folks like the glass mount antennas and cringe at drilling a
hole in their car. I worked in the two way radio industry for many years and
have never found the glass mount antennas to work very well. I much prefer
the solid roof mounting of the antenna. It works well if installed correctly
and will never give any trouble.


If you want, contact me off list and I will take some pictures of the
installation for you.


Good luck.


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I am moving my gear from the expedition to the xl7, and I would appreciate
any input from folks with experience on this vehicle.

I am wondering if the rear side windows are ok for glassmount antennas.  Any
other install related info would be very helpful.

I have a tmv7a that I would like to get a remote cable for, but I am not
opposed to upgrading to a different radio.

I don't know yet how I might implement the tracker and sstv, the pair of
1500s in an ammo can with kpc3 is pretty bulky for this vehicle.

An in dash carputer is an option, but I would want some input from users


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