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[aprssig] 2007 XL7 install

Lee Mushel herbert3 at centurytel.net
Wed Sep 7 15:08:33 UTC 2011

My gosh!   This is 2011, I think.   I can't imagine that anyone would still have doubts about drilling a hole in their car---unless it doesn't belong to them, of course.   I do distinctly remember my first experience with this.  It was 1959 or thereabouts and I had a 1958 Fairlane 500 and a 102 inch CB whip with a proper spring mount and since I didn't have a hole saw I went to the dealer and asked him to "drill a hole right there."   "Oh, you don't want to do that! "It will affect the resale value of the car."   I informed the gentleman that it was, indeed, "my" car and to please drill the hole.   It was done and the world did not come to an end!  But I did bang into a lot of low hanging telephone lines.


Lee   K9WRU
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  I know some folks like the glass mount antennas and cringe at drilling a hole in their car. I    Good luck.

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