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Where are you buying solar that cheap??  Last I priced it, about two months 
ago, it was something on the order of $3 per watt, I don't see where your 
coming up with $.07 per kWh, even the installers around here that do this 
stuff for a living laughed when I told them I wanted to be equal to my grid 
power in cost.

Skylights, windows, even tempered car glass, nothing withstood the hail we 
had July 1st, add 80mph straight line winds, gusts to 120mph with the 
tornado, and flying debris, no solar would have been viable.  The houses 
looked like they were hit with a machine gun, or blasted with shotguns, the 
siding was hanging off in pieces.  Entire steel buildings and commercial 
towers were toppled.  And we get at least one good hail storm a year with 
that potential.  So I guess I won't ever be going solar if it can't be made 
to withstand it.

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> To me [solar]’s a good gimmick to reduce the
> electrical consumption of an average american
> home, but until the cost of solar comes down
> from absurd I will stick with my $.075 per kWh
> grid power and a generator for backup.

You might want to update your assumptions.  Solar around here is already 
down to 7 cents per KWH.

> We had hail large enough to punch dents deep
> enough in steel roofing to cause it to
> crack, a solar cell wouldn't stand a chance.

Wow, that is a bummer.  Can't survive that.  But the home solar panels now 
are all guaranteed to withstand up-to golf-ball sized hail.  They are 
something like 3/16ths tempered glass.

So if the hail did not break skylights, then solar panels might have 

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