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[aprssig] 2007 XL7 install

david vanhorn kc6ete at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 16:01:18 UTC 2011

On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 9:08 AM, Lee Mushel <herbert3 at centurytel.net> wrote:

>  My gosh!   This is 2011, I think.   I can't imagine that anyone would
> still have doubts about drilling a hole in their car---unless it doesn't
> belong to them, of course.

I am of the "measure twice, cut once" school, and/or the "call before you
dig" school.

On the expedition, I found out post drilling, that there were issues I
wasn't aware of.  I was able to deal with it, but I think it's worthwhile
looking for someone else who may have been there and done that before I

I've drilled many many holes in many many cars, houses, boats...  I just
like to know what's ahead.
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