[aprssig] Track Playback?

Mike Besemer (WM4B) mwbesemer at cox.net
Thu Sep 15 18:50:18 CDT 2011

Is there a way to play back an APRS track, or at least isolate a track for a
given day. 

I just got a visit from the local Sheriff.  Apparently, someone in my
neighborhood is accusing me of running her off the road into a mailbox at
about 1900 EDT (2300 UTC) last night (14 Sep).  The problem is, my truck was
parked in the driveway from about 1607 EDT until about 1800 EDT, at which
point I moved it out of the way so my wife could get by and re-parked it -
there was one beacon at about 1800 EDT and that was it until this morning.

I've pulled the raw packets from ARPS.FI, but the track is pretty much
useless since it was pretty much duplicated today.  The raw packets show the
times of the beacons, but nothing like that.

At this point, the Sheriff is just making a report and it's a case of
he-said/she-said... unless she takes it to civil court.  If that's the case,
I would like to have my ducks in a row ahead of time.  (I'm already getting
statements from the neighbors.)

Any ideas?

Thanks es 73,


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