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[aprssig] Shack backup power

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Sep 11 23:21:55 UTC 2011

> To me [solar]’s a good gimmick to reduce the 
> electrical consumption of an average american 
> home, but until the cost of solar comes down 
> from absurd I will stick with my $.075 per kWh 
> grid power and a generator for backup.

You might want to update your assumptions.  Solar around here is already down to 7 cents per KWH.

> We had hail large enough to punch dents deep 
> enough in steel roofing to cause it to 
> crack, a solar cell wouldn't stand a chance.

Wow, that is a bummer.  Can't survive that.  But the home solar panels now are all guaranteed to withstand up-to golf-ball sized hail.  They are something like 3/16ths tempered glass.

So if the hail did not break skylights, then solar panels might have survived.


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