[aprssig] Lightsquared has new device to elimate gps interference

Glenn Little WB4UIV glennmaillist at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 21 22:28:44 CDT 2011

If our FCC had any guts and refused to take payoffs, we would be better off.
The band that LightSquared is operating in, with illegal permission 
from our FCC, is designated, internationally, as space to earth.
There is no international authorization, that I can find, that 
authorizes terrestrial operation in this segment.
It would be really nice if the FCC could comply with and enforce 
their on regulations.
I guess that money talks.

Just my take on the situation.


  At 07:33 PM 9/21/2011, you wrote:

>Yea.  A better front end on a GPS RECEIVER.  So much for all those 
>already out there.
>  73, Steve, K9DCI
>--- Lawrence LaBranche wrote:
> > http://m.cnet.com/Article.rbml?nid=20109559&cid=null&bcid=&bid=-266
> >
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