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[aprssig] Identifying TX Igates

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Mon Sep 19 19:01:12 UTC 2011

The "best" thing is probably to make the IGATE software better so that  
i.e an RX only igate is not breaking anything. In very few areas i see  
the point of an RX only IGATE. And i agree that we should not "kill"  
operators that wants to help even if they are not allowed to TX.

The IGATE should also send messages the reverse path or some system to  
give better success than now.

Even with more than one igate in the same local area igates and  
aprs-is should automaticly solve this "problem" so that messages get  
They should also automaticly understand when they should takeover i.e  
if one igate has not been seen for a while etc.

Not sure how this can be done but i guess people on this list have some ideas.

I'm only using APRX and APRSG depending on OS. Very powerfull tools.

Kai Gunter

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