[aprssig] Lightsquared has new device to elimate gps interference

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Fri Sep 23 07:38:21 CDT 2011

Here's my take on LightSquared.  Right now, in the US, we are out of bandwidth 
allocations for "4G" cellular service.  Everything that is not "deadly" has been 
allocated it seems to me.  AT&T will not be able to provide the same speeds that 
Verizon can, without a lot more spectrum.  All of the Cell providers are end to 
end services.  There are 3 different combinations of spectrum and emission types 
being used (GSM AT&T, GSM T-Mobile and CDMA Sprint/Verizon).  Because we haven't 
ever got the FCC to change the "communications business model" to separate 
"service" from "infrastructure", there has never been portability.

If LightSquared comes up with a viable network (the technical issues may require 
some money to fix some of the problems with product replacement), then it would 
for example allow "Apple" to be a "phone company", and purchase "infrastrucure" 
from them, setting the stage for the other "networks" to be "eliminated".

If we could get to the point of letting companies build "RF capabilities" (for a 
single RF emission and spectrum combination) and companies building "cell 
phones", and companies selling cellular network "services", then we'd have 
"competition" and "network portability" that would really make it necessary for 
these companies to "innovate to compete".

Without the use of some kind of new spectrum, this "switch" of business models 
won't ever happen in the US.  We are at a crossroads on available spectrum and 
bandwidth with the existing networks, without an order of magnitude decrease in 
the average cell size in populated areas.

I'm not a fan of them getting powered up, generating interference.  But, in the 
long run, we need to get the economy going again with there being businesses 
that are profitable and products that need to be purchased.  This is one of the 
many places where new investment and new products could help the economy, but 
also greatly help all of us have a better product and service.

Gregg Wonderly

On 9/21/2011 10:28 PM, Glenn Little WB4UIV wrote:
> If our FCC had any guts and refused to take payoffs, we would be better off.
> The band that LightSquared is operating in, with illegal permission from our
> FCC, is designated, internationally, as space to earth.
> There is no international authorization, that I can find, that authorizes
> terrestrial operation in this segment.
> It would be really nice if the FCC could comply with and enforce their on
> regulations.
> I guess that money talks.
> Just my take on the situation.
> 73
> Glenn
> At 07:33 PM 9/21/2011, you wrote:
>> Yea. A better front end on a GPS RECEIVER. So much for all those already out
>> there.
>> --
>> 73, Steve, K9DCI
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