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[aprssig] Mobile Digipeating

Brian Clark brian.ag4bc at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 08:48:36 UTC 2011

On 9/19/11 10:32 PM, David Nichols wrote:
> All of this brings up another issue. From the little I've been able to 
> gather about mobile digipeating, and I agree with the statement below 
> ( I believe temporary re-locatable is a better term), it is for 
> temporary emergency use. If this is correct, what constitutes 
> "emergency". Could I justify using it as described for practice 
> purposes? I practice, on the average, twice a week, for 1-2 hours. I 
> would hate for my next posting to you folks to be from Leavenworth 
> after my first digipeating session J. Or for that matter, would I be 
> getting nasty-grams from the APRS community? Otherwise, I think this 
> might fit my needs. I could also use it on actual searches, especially 
> if I drive a ways from Incident Base to the subject's place last seen, 
> which has been the case several times.
> dave
What you plan on doing is fine.  It is done all the time for SAR as well 
as public service events.  Essentially the same thing was done just a 
couple of weeks ago (see archives for APRS Day Out).

The mobile digipeating that is frowned on is running the D710 as a 
WideN-n digipeater during your daily commute.  Then you will get the 
nasty-grams.  :)

Brian, AG4BC
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