[aprssig] AGWTracker Update

(SV2AGW)George Rossopoulos sv2agw at raag.org
Mon Sep 26 01:49:59 CDT 2011


AGWTracker update. Fixed various problems with unexpected crashes. From
Stations list you can right-click and select [Locate and show on Map] to
find where a station is.

I started from previous AGWTracker release, to provide a zip file with all
the necessary files AGWTracker needs to run. That way there is no need to
install anything, just unzip the file and run the EXE.
AGWTracker can run also with just the EXE no need to install anything else.
The ZIP file contains the APRSserv.txt file with the available APRS servers
worldwide, the alternate symbol set (like UIVIEW icons) and the Language
specific dlls.


(SV2AGW) George Rossopoulos
Mysirli 39
54250 Thessaloniki

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