[aprssig] AVRS/APRS-Alert Updates

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Fri Sep 30 15:56:41 CDT 2011

John AB0OO wrote...

> I just wanted to do a little self-promotion and give folks who are interested 
> in updates on my coding projects.

Thanks for your efforts in this and other projects!
> AVRS-...
> The following commands are currently working when you send an APRS
> message to  "AVRS": ? - will return the CLOSEST VOIP gateway node
> (either IRLP or Echolink, and soon allstar) to your last beaconed position...

I just tried and it returned an IRLP node 18.7 miles away (any way of requesting
the distince in km, or perhaps it automataically choosig that for countries thar
are officially metric? While it did provide iinformation for the other node, it
didn't show the one zero km away.

> ?I -  returns the IRLP node info for the node closest to your last beaconed 
> position

This yielded information for the same IRLP node 18.7 miles away isntead
of the one that is right here.

> If I send one to LOCATE with "WB4APR-3" in the body, I get this:
> AVRS>APZ013,TCPIP*::AB0OO    :Wb4APR-3 heard 0d0h7m35s
> ago .98km SW of Annapolis, MD{0

I just tried this, but for the callsign I entered, it showed 68 km south of
Vancouver BC instead of 68 km north of Vancouver. Ah... km. Does it
perhaps use km north of 49N and miles for sout of 49N? I'm south of 
49N, but most definitely in Canada.

Another example... I entered the digi THYNNE and it returned information
that it was 95.24 km WSW of Chilliwack. In fact, it is NE of Chilliwack
by about that distance. It seems to be providing the reversed direction.
Not a huge problem when someone knows the geography, but it could
be confusing for a visitor.

Try sending LOCATE VE7GDH to AVRS and it will return 18 km west
of Duncan. I am most definitely east of Duncan.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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