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[aprssig] On-Board computers

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Sat Sep 24 00:50:45 UTC 2011

For a DIN (2x) about the only thing I have heard of is in the realm of that
MP3CAR item.  

It does look like RAM Mounts has some for the XL7 depending on the year.  


If you use their quick-release mount, you can take it out to make room for
the passenger.  That's the best I can recommend.

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Suzuki xl7.  I will need a 2x din

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>What vehicle?  We put a laptop mount in our Emergency Communications 
>Project Jeep (which you can read about at http://www.JeepGunner.com
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>I'm considering a serious upgrade to the car.
>Linux, Windows, or ?
>What are people using in on-board computers?  
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