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[aprssig] Tomtom's For APRS (Question)

Michael Goldweber mike at mikegoldweber.name
Sun Apr 1 11:50:32 UTC 2012

Hi Pat,

Which tomtom model supports APRS? I was only aware of the Italian gps (geosat?) supporting aprs. This got a great review in qst, however it is really pricy.


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Pat Cook <kb0oxd at gmail.com> wrote:

>How reliable are they?
>The reason I ask is that saw some at the local Walmart for under $100.
> Thinking of getting one IF they're reliable & make good GPS RXers
>This would leave only the cheapo brick or slab (Depending on the type
>& model I get of course) better known as the radio to get for my APRS
>setup :D
>Cheers & 73 :D
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