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[aprssig] Tomtom's For APRS (Question)

Sander Pool sander_pool at pobox.com
Mon Apr 2 03:24:27 UTC 2012

Yes, that works very nicely. Now we just need a Bluetooth serial adapter 
built in and we're really rocking. Ironically it would be easy to build 
a BT dongle for an RS-232 port but the USB port makes that near 
impossible without opening the radio. Hmmm. I do have two of those BT 
boards lying around. Maybe they'd fit inside.....

That said, I do have an affinity for real cables. Heresy, I know. For my 
observatory outside I ran CAT5 cable rather than using Wifi. For my 
mount I would never use BT serial comms, only a real cable.


     Sander W1SOP

On 4/1/2012 11:16 PM, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Actually, for use with a netbook or other modern lightweight laptop, 
> this arrangement makes a lot of sense. You only need a thin 
> lightweight  standard-A-to-mini-USB-B cable (probably the same one you 
> are using for your cellphone, digital camera or car navigator GPS), 
> instead of a bulky serial-to-USB dongle cable.

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