[aprssig] APRSDroid on Kindle Fire?

Rob VK6UFO at multiline.com.au
Sun Apr 8 01:23:16 CDT 2012

On 08/04/12 14:16, Earl Needham wrote:
> Probably part of my problem. I have version 0.6 here, and when I try 
> to install the latest version, I get am error stating "application not 
> installed".

There might be a conflict with such a large jump in version. It might be 
worth uninstalling the old version first before installing the latest. 
It could also be the Android version. Do you know what version is on 
your Kindle? I have Honeycomb 3.2

The download site has all stable versions back to 0.4. You might find  
something between 0.6 and current that will work and have the needed 


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