[aprssig] Emergency Responder Interoperability – Common Map Symbols

Chris Moulding chrism at crosscountrywireless.net
Sun Apr 8 03:02:46 CDT 2012

I've just copied this from the RAYNET weekly news as it may be of 
interest to APRS icon developers:

"Common Map Symbols recommended.
The Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the Cabinet Office have
published a set of map symbols which are intended to be used to
promote interoperability between user services and volunteer

These include a standard symbol for RAYNET assets, and you can
see the full document at

These symbols might be usefully used on APRS displays when
working with our Users."

In the UK the Cabinet Office has responsibilities for civil 
contingencies which include disaster relief, flooding, national security 

RAYNET is the UK’s national voluntary communications service provided 
for the community by licensed radio amateurs.


Chris, G4HYG

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