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For YAAC, it's just an alternate user interface. It pops up a window that looks like an Instant Messenger session window, and remembers the destination callsign and digipeat path so you don't have to type it in every time, and filters the messages to only Message packets to and from that specific remote callsign. You can have any number of chat windows open to different remote stations, and it doesn't affect the packet displays in other YAAC windows.

If you still want to send plain messages in isolation to remote stations and unravel the responses from the Message window or the raw packet sniffer window, you can (the information is still there). This is just a convenience.

Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO
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How is a "Chat Mode" different from regular station to station messages? 

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My client program YAAC ("Yet Another APRS Client") has a 1-to-1 chat mode as well.

Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO

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> On 10 Apr 2012 at 7:04, Eduardo Gomez López wrote:
> > Hi, there is any APRS program how works like a messenger? I think is
> > very important in emergency when I need chat with other station or
> > other stations easy and fast. What do you think about it?
> > 
> > HK3PQI
> This perhaps?
> http://www.kr1st.com/uimsg.htm
> Or... http://www.apritch.myby.co.uk/uim.gif
> uses the AGW packet engine, or UiView.
> 73
> Dave G0WBX.

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