[aprssig] APRS Local Info Initative TM-D710A compatibitility

Sander Pool sander_pool at pobox.com
Thu Apr 26 21:04:06 CDT 2012

Yes, it would be great if more repeaters were represented by APRS-IS 
objects so they're visible on various web sites. Repeater owners don't 
seem very interested in advertising their repeaters this way 
unfortunately. Naturally it would be great if repeater objects were put 
on RF with coverage comparable to the repeater they describe.

I suppose a smart repeater could periodically switch to the APRS 
frequency and transmit the object if the repeater when not in use, 
assuming it's a 2m repeater, of course. I doubt most repeaters have this 
capability but it would be a way to avoid having to install another 
radio and antenna at the repeater site.


     Sander W1SOP

On 4/26/2012 9:42 PM, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
> That sounds more promising, but if you're putting them on RF for 
> travelers, then I wish you'd consider putting them on APRS for all 
> travelers.  There's more APRS users than just APRS RF radio owners, 
> and I'm sure some of us would appreciate seeing them beacon on our 
> mobile APRS-IS clients as well.
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and 
> Win32aprssig 
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