[aprssig] repeater objects on RF, was: Re: APRS Local Info Initative

Sander Pool sander_pool at pobox.com
Fri Apr 27 08:50:41 CDT 2012

I was trying to address a perceived problem by me that repeater owners 
aren't advertising their repeaters over APRS RF. It isn't hard to create 
a repeater object in APRS-IS but then you depend on nearby igates to 
transmit it. If you could somehow transmit the object using the same 
transmitter and antenna as the repeater itself you would have very 
similar coverage. If you can receive the APRS packet you can probably 
work the repeater.

Sure it would be nice if every repeater tower had a properly configured 
full igate on it too but that doesn't appear to be the case. I think it 
would be great if, while driving around, you receive repeater objects 
with QSY info and that reception of such a packet meant it's meaningful 
to tune to that frequency. Here in the NYC area that's not happening. I 
receive 'infrastructure' packets but typically not voice repeaters.


     Sander W1SOP

On 4/27/2012 8:49 AM, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> I suppose a smart repeater could periodically switch to the
>> APRS frequency and transmit the object if the repeater when not in use...
> Maybe I am not following this thread.  But let me clarify.

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