[aprssig] ATTN Uiview & Other APRS Users -- Precision Mapping 9.0 On Sale

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Fri Apr 27 10:14:11 CDT 2012

As I recently posted, Precision Mapping's latest update has made it almost 
trivially easy to export accurately calibrated static (fixed) maps of any part 
of North America at any scale. Now Precision Mapping is on a limited-time sale.

Just received an email from Undertow Software announcing a limited-time sale on 
Precision Mapping 9.0 Looks like this is the time for North American UIview 
users to upgrade if you haven't already!

"A new version v9 of the program has been released. If you haven't ordered your 
copy yet, order before May 15, 2012 and you can upgrade to the latest version 
of the software, for ONLY *$34.99* + s&h, compared to the product MSRP of 
*$49.99* + s&h. Simply select the upgrade option and mention Promotion Code 
*PM2993 *if you call to order, or enter *PM2993* in the */Promotion Code/* 
field if you order on line at: www.undertowsoftware.com/purchase.htm 

The product was re-designed to extend its capabilities and be more user-friendly.

·High Precision map data based on the Tele Atlas’ Multinet North America 
Dataset, resulting in accurate, better-looking maps.

·Fully compatible with *PMapServer9* which makes it easy to interface the 
program with *UiView. *

·Enhanced Import capabilities, that allow the user to import data layers 
outside North America from other sources (MID/MIF and SHP/DBF formats, Image). 
"UIview users also now have access to the range of near-professional-level GIS 
features new in Precision Mapping 9.0. These include the ability to overlay 
mapping data in the ESRI ArcView .SHP and MapInfo .MIF formats, nearly 
universally used by all levels of government, onto UIview maps. Better yet, the 
latest update (service pack) for Precision Mapping 9.0 now makes exporting 
high-quality calibrated static (fixed) map images, in .GIF, .PNG or .BMP 
format, widely used by other APRS mapping programs, trivially simple."

·Brand New Trip Planner Interface that:

-Accommodates multiple stop and via points

-Supports layovers at user selected stop points - a must for longer trips

-Allows the user to specify trip exclusion areas.Restrict travel through 
congested downtown areas, or any other area the user wants to avoid.

-Calculates Elevation along the route and provide +/- 6% Grade warning

-Allows the user to exclude travel on Parkways, through tunnels, on ferries, etc.

-Tracks Gas, Meals and Lodging expenses

-Allows different daily start and stop drive times for each segment of the trip 
and allows for rest breaks during the day

·Enhanced Import capabilities, that allow the user to import data layers from 
other sources (MID/MIF and SHP/DBF formats, Image) and alpha blend transparency 
of layers.

·Ability to automatically connect to the National Weather Station servers and 
download and display Doppler Radar Precipitation coverage bitmaps.

·User provided POIS (in standard CSV format) may now be imported and displayed 
on the map.Download one or more of hundreds of publicly available POI files, or 
even create your own POI file using a simple text editor.Also specify at what 
scale these POIs should be visible, at what scale to display any text and icons 
associated with them, etc.

·A much cleaner GPS interface that supports any standard NMEA GPS device 
connected through a USB port or a Bluetooth connection and using a virtual COM 
port, as well as the proprietary “Garmin USB” protocol connection.

·More bitmaps to select from the CAD toolbar, to mark your locations on the map.

·HiRes Shaded Relief Rendering of North America good to 5 mi scale.

·Auto-update checks the Undertow web site for new versions each time you run 
the program and lets you update your copy with a single click."

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