[aprssig] APRS Local Info Initative TM-D710A compatibitility

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Fri Apr 27 23:56:11 CDT 2012

Quoting "Richard Sharp, KQ4KX" <kq4kx at arrl.net>:

> Ron, try the following.
> ;146.85TRF*111111z4804.29N/09606.79Wr146.850MHz TOFF - R45m
> ;444.80TRF*111111z4807.60N/09610.63Wr444.800MHz T156 + R15m

> According to pg. 25-26 in the D710's "getting acquainted with APRS &
> EchoLink" manual it should be in this format.  If the repeater object is
> formatted with just a "-" or "+" it uses the radios default offset setting
> for that band.  So, the only time specifying the exact offset would be for
> odd split repeaters.  Note the offset indicator after the TOFF & T156 (the

And this does not work properly if you have a modified radio i,.e from  
TM-D710E to TM-D710A.

Thats why i'm always entering the offset even if it's not a odd split  
I'm also using the callsign for the repeater and not the frequency as  
a object name as they get the frequency if/when they press the QSY  

But it's a good idea to get more repeater/digi sysops to include UHF  
repeaters as an QSY object.

Kai Gunter

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