[aprssig] USNA Party Balloon Success!

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 28 17:00:57 CDT 2012

I agree, very clever.  Can't wait to see the pix.

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--- On Sat, 4/28/12, Bob Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

> From: Bob Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu>
> Subject: Re: [aprssig] USNA Party Balloon Success!
> To: "TAPR APRS Mailing List" <aprssig at tapr.org>
> Date: Saturday, April 28, 2012, 2:28 PM
> > Will you provide any information
> on telecommand 
> > and cut-down stuff for us technogeeks?
> It is clever I think.  Pictures next week...  a 10
> ohm 1/8th watt carbon film resistor makes an excellent
> REUSEABLE burn device for fishing line on about 6 to 8
> volts.  But to this I added a little two-pin header
> socket in series.  One string is tied to the resistor
> which burns it for release, but a second string is tied to a
> U shaped jumper in the 2 pin socket.  When the first
> string is released, then all the load is on the second
> string and the jumper which is pulled from the socket.
> This cuts the circuit to the resistor AND gives you a
> telemetry data point that it is released.
> I was SO CONCEREND that a comand to the burn resistor (1 amp
> momentary draw for up to several seconds) might lock up the
> whole system due to a battery dip that I wouild not get the
> OFF command to then turn off the current to the resistor
> later (The resistor does not burn through, and is reuselable
> so you must have an OFF mechanism).  And since each
> burn takes a sligtly different time, I would not trust an X
> second burn (though it might not hurt for Byonics to incldue
> a PULSE option in their command options like Kantronics
> did.
> The burn can take up to 10 seconds depending on the
> voltage.
> Ayway, then a telemetry input hooked to the same header lets
> you know when it is pulled.
> That cut-down, plus our use of ICE as a slow ballast release
> system I think are our contributions to the state of balloon
> art, though probably someone has done it before.
> Bob, WB4APR
> Bob, WB4APR
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