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[aprssig] Photo's and info for the WD8ARZ Geiger mobile

WD8ARZ wd8arz at ix.netcom.com
Thu Dec 6 20:24:00 UTC 2012

If attached photo's cont make it through with this email, can send them 
to who ever wish's them.

Trip Indiana to Tennessee 111912.jpg with a shot of me doing antenna
repair at the base Qth before leaving. Drove down by myself following my
wife in her car, so had the HF rig in the passenger seat next to me.

Trip Tennessee to Indiana Dec 4th 2012.jpg configuration for drive back
home with wife and I together.

Geiger counter, cell phone internet hook up, and laptop feeding Geiger
counter to the internet not shown. Laptop was on a pillow on the floor
for the drive down, and in my lap on the way back. Incoming calls
interrupted the internet on the drive down and of course I could not
deal with it while driving, so didnt worry about data collection on the
way down.

TN to IN Geiger Counter Graph 120412.jpg is a statistical chart plot of
the Geiger counter data on the trip home. Raw data files available for
each count and coordinates of the count available to those that wish it.
No significant readings noted on this trip.

ALE was done while portable in the RV in TN, but not mobile. Maybe TN 
trip at Christmas. Needs different antenna setup than one shown. One 
shown is using a HiQ 5-160.

APRS - Geiger Counter - WD8ARZ Ham Mobile

Rig is TS-480 HX running 200 watts into a HiQ 5-160 screwdriver antenna 
mounted on the rear of a Trail Blazer using the trailer hitch for the 
mount. Antenna shunt is a Shunt-100.

Auto tuning is done by a N2VZ Enterprises Turbo Tuner.

Vehicle battery isolation control is done by a APO3 Timing / Voltage 
configured relay - Also keeps power off equipment during starting.

Ham equipment is ran full time off a separate 100 aHr Gel battery. Gel 
battery is charged / isolated from vehicle using a Super PWRgate PG40S. 
Power distribution uses the RIGrunner 4008 which provides over / under 
voltage alarm, multiple fused power pole connections, and reverse 
polarity protection.

APRS on two meters. WD8ARZ-9 from mobile rig (TMD-700A), and from time 
to time WD8ARZ-5 from Epic 4G smart phone.

Also fed Geiger Counter radiation readings to the 
http://www.radiationnetwork.com/ radiation map.

73 from Bill - WD8ARZ

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