[aprssig] 433 MHz operation

Morten Johansen morten at bzzt.no
Wed Feb 15 12:53:24 CST 2012

Den 15 Feb, 2012 kl. 19:12 skrev Scott Miller:

> I've been playing with some half-watt 70 cm data transceivers lately. I'm currently testing at 434 MHz, and with the standard crystal they should cover about 430 to 439 MHz. I'm not really familiar with the 70 cm band plan and figured I'd check here and see if people consider that a reasonable part of the band to be working in.

Hi, Scott.

This sounds fun :) Here in Norway we have primary status from 432 to 438 MHz, although there is a lot of "unmanned" (ISM) low power communication in the band.

You mentioned mesh routing... Do these babies have an internal stack, or is this something you do in your controller?

*wants to play*

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