[aprssig] 433 MHz operation

Andy AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Wed Feb 15 14:31:29 CST 2012

According to IARU Region 1, Cavtat Conference in 2008, alternate frequency
for APRS operation in Europe is assigned to 432.500MHz. Before it was
assigned to 433.800MHz by Davos Conference in 2005. And had been changed
because of intensive QRMs from consumer devices.
You can google:
CT08_Cavtat Final plenary minutes
Go to page 18.
Andrew AB9FX, SP3LYR

I asume you are looking for frequenties to pretune the radios to.
Europe has a number of aprs frequenties on 70 cm because it's a very
regionaly planned band.
the first used 70cm aprs frequentie is 430.5125 but not every country has
the full range so a seccond frequentie is sugested but websites are
conflicting on what it is, I have seen 432.500 and 433.800 At any rate never
put it between 435 and 438 because that is sattelite usage.
Also above 440 and below 430 is not usable in europe

73 Andre PE1RDW

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