[aprssig] APRS callsigning for internationally travelling hams?

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I was just concerned about the legalities, rather than the logical or pragmatic aspects. Political law and regulation doesn't always have a relationship to logic or natural law, especially when dealing with non-citizen foreigners. :-(

Last time I saw those rules, it was a regulation (not a courtesy) from the Canadian Ministry of Communications, but my hardcopy of the Canadian regulations is 17 years old, and I can't find the relevant current version of the regs now. All due respect to my Canadian neighbors, but the government website for Industry Canada was poorly laid out and extremely difficult to search, the last time I tried to look (hopefully, it's been improved since then).

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> Steve K9DCI wrote...
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> You're right, it could be put there, but I wouldn't bother.

DOH ! !

Just call me Homer, I guess... (;-)

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