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[aprssig] An accurate do-it-yourself radiation meter

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 10 23:29:31 UTC 2012

What I don't get is the 2 orders of magnitude difference in capture area.
Sure, ANY PN device can in someway be a radiation detector, but the Geiger
tube has a hundred times more capture volume than most any PN device.

So as far as giving an idea of background radiation, I cannot see these
point source detectors as much more than a curiosity.  Or I am missing
something.  I think the best detector is a LCD display with background
plazma lighting.  Bias the lighting electrodes just below threshold and then
any event anywhere in the 1/2 square foot area should be detectible?

Subject: Re: An accurate do-it-yourself radiation meter


Or am I missing something.


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