[aprssig] TransAtlantic Balloon on 28 MHz ?

Dave Skolnick dskolnick at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 07:29:17 CST 2012

> A horizontal beam will be useless for direction finding.  All it will do is
> point to whatever is reflecting the energy into the strongest horizontal
> component...

Hmmm is right. I thought that the polarization of any skywave signal
was indeterminate. Is that not the case?

What's the date and location of launch? Frequency? I'll be pleased to
post on the some of the long-haul sailor's boards and announce on some
of the ocean nets. You might get some more data points. We're coming
up on the time of year when transatlantic crossings are picking up.

73 es sail fast de dave KO4MI
S/V Auspicious

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