[aprssig] TransAtlantic Balloon on 28 MHz ?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 16 08:35:19 CST 2012

> A horizontal beam will be useless for direction finding.  All it will do
> point to whatever is reflecting the energy into the strongest horizontal
> component...

Hmmm is right. I thought that the polarization of any skywave signal
was indeterminate. Is that not the case?

The transmitter is only 10 milliwatts, we only expect line-of-sight contact.
So that is why I was assuming we'd need a reasonable polarization match.
But who knows...  The altitude will not be super high, (like in the

> I'll be pleased to post on the some of the long-haul 
> sailor's boards and announce on some of the ocean nets.

Date is TBD.  Will post as soon as known.


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