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[aprssig] An accurate do-it-yourself radiation meter

Lee Mushel herbert3 at centurytel.net
Sat Feb 11 14:41:02 UTC 2012

What an interesting thread!   It brings back a lot of memories from the 
early 50's including a 14 year old me on my Cushman scooter with geiger 
counter slung over my shoulder.
Not too long ago I bought another instrument on ebay and sent both down the 
the gentleman in the Southwest with the retirement job of converting those 
old things to present day batteries and re-calibrating.   Now, if you have 
access to old magazines you can find an article on multi-tube counters for 
those who are too poor to afford a scintillator!   I seem to remember one 
DIY article with five or maybe it was seven GM tubes.   Of course I belong 
to the 1B85 and 1B86 Victoreen generation!   Kept a reworked model for 
myself  and gave one to my son.   We do have a nuke upwind from us!  Once 
again, I apologize for not sticking to the proper subject (for those who 
worry about such things).


Lee  K9WRU

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> Hello Bob, and interesting you latched on to this type of detector.
> The article you provided a url to, refers to the difficulty of getting GM 
> tubes and there expense. 

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