[aprssig] TransAtlantic Balloon on 28 MHz ?

Dave Skolnick dskolnick at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 06:51:40 CST 2012

> The transmitter is only 10 milliwatts, we only expect line-of-sight contact.
> So that is why I was assuming we'd need a reasonable polarization match.
> But who knows...  The altitude will not be super high, (like in the
> ionosphere)..

The I expect you are reaching out to hams on Bermuda and in the
Azores? I definitely think the cruising sailor community can help.
There won't be anyone with directive antennas (lets not get into
patterns) but at least you could get signal strength and "fact of"
reception. The sailors are pretty good at knowing exactly where they
are also.

See http://www.bermudashorts.bm/rsb/callsign.htm and
http://www.cu2ara.com/ (note UK flag for English translation, which is
close enough to American *grin*).

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