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[aprssig] CB traffic on APRS-IS

Dave dave at g8kbv.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 14 22:30:46 UTC 2012

On 13 Feb 2012 at 13:18, Andre wrote:

> Op 13-2-2012 8:11, Eric Lorenz K9LGE schreef:
> >
> > Hi Hessu ...
> >
> > I was trying to follow his website, and looked at his user 
> > profile....so is what he's doing legal (where he is)? Is his CB on
> > APRS over local RF, or just on IS? And is he bridging this over to
> > ham frequencies somewhere?
> >
> > Thanks for the help understanding ...I am still comparatively new to
> > APRS...couldn't understand everything I saw on APRS.fi about him.
> >
> > Eric K9LGE
> >

> In most cept countries you can hook up anything you want to CB and LPD
> so no problem at all there.

Negative, far from it in fact.  CB is voice only service, that's all.  
Many use selcall tones, but even that's debatable legally, however, 
nothing is enforced, so everyone gets away with it.  Just as they do all 
running 30W to 100W (or more) "Burners"...  (4W out max, in theory.)

> LPD is a shared band segment inside 70cm 433.075 - 434.750 and in most cept
> countries the users of LPD devices are alowed to comunicate with hams and
> reverse. 

True, it exists within the 70cms band.  (An administrative coke up!  When 
they all moved up from 418MHz)  But, we Ham's are secondary (to the 
military/government) users, and any LPD user must accept interference 
("Harmfull" included) to their systems, while NOT causing any QRM to the 
primary user.  I suspect that we're not regarded as "Primary" in respect 
to LPD users.

In any case, LPD users are NOT generally allowed to cross communicate 
with licenced amateurs, but many licenced amateurs do cross communicate 
with their own personally owned Low Power Devices, that is perfectly 
legal, but NOT with other non HAM owned kit.

Mind you, communicating with a cordless electricity usage meeter is a bit 
of a misnomer.

> so a ham putting up an igate on 434.200 can not be held responsable for what
> he is picking up and putting into APRS-IS even if it is his own LPD station
> as by law they are concidered unrelated. Even if the opperator of the CB to
> LPD gate was to hook up to APRS-IS directly there is nothing we can do about
> it as I have been told, afterall there is no legal difference between
> automatic generated objects without a legal callsign and other aprs trafic
> without legal callsign.

Holland is obviously more lenient than most.  In the UK we're supposed to 
monitor through traffic (my interpretation of the rules at least) to 
prevent such things.  But again, it's not enforced.
> In this case it might even be more legal as the gateway apears to be
> opperating with a legal callsign, on top of that he apears to be only
> gating his own stations.
> Maybe a bit to much CB phobia

Far from it, it has it's uses, even when you can't talk past the end of 
the street!

Common sense applies perhaps.  Keep the IS for licenced Amateur APRS, and 
punt all the unlicence'd stuff to another system, whatever that might be.  
(Is'nt there already a parallel system for the CW weather op's?)

Or, only allow "Genuine" Ham call's to be gated from IS to RF.   Quite 
how you do that accurately and cleanly, I don't know.

> 73 Andre PE1RDW

73 Dave G0WBX.

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