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[aprssig] CB traffic on APRS-IS

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Wed Feb 15 09:25:19 UTC 2012


Keep in mind that UHF CB (476.425 to 477.4125 - 80, 12.5khz channels, 5W 
tx power) as we know it is unique to Australia (and maybe New Zealand, 
with a slightly different frequency band as I understand the situation).

The UHF CB being spoken about on this list is what we know as the LIPD 
(Low Interference Potential Devices) band and they use a portion of the 
70cm band around 433MHz. This is a European band that we adopted it in 
Oz. You may recall interference to 70cm repeaters due to the LIPD band 
being in the range of UHF repeater input frequencies. The licencing 
authority, the Australian Communications and media Authority (ACMA) have 
made it illegal for VK amateurs to interfere with LIPD devices and have 
also declared that repeater inputs have no protection from LIPD's. Many 
repeaters had their frequency pairs moved from 433/438 to 434/439 to 
avoid LIPD interference. Others fitted CTCSS.

FWIW, about 10 years ago when I was running a BBS, there was a burst of 
European CB BBS traffic being sent to the AR BBS network. This was 
largely eliminated with appropriate message rejection in the BBS.

Ray, vk2tv

On 15/02/12 19:58, Rob wrote:
> On 15/02/12 06:30, Dave wrote:
>> Negative, far from it in fact. CB is voice only service, that's all. 
>> Many use selcall tones, but even that's debatable legally, however, 
>> nothing is enforced, so everyone gets away with it. Just as they do 
>> all running 30W to 100W (or more) "Burners"... (4W out max, in theory.) 
> UHF CB channel 22 and 23 are assigned to data only,  no voice.

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