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Good reason to switch to Lithium Iron Phosphate cells. 

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One thing to remember about LiPo packs, is that if you start them on fire, they are self oxidizing as they burn, and you really can't "put them out" in any easy way. If you will be in a position to have issues with charging or otherwise using a lose pack, you might think about having a "ceramic container" of some sort with you to let it burn in, if you have a problem. 

I know, it's an extreme case, but if you are "crafting" something with lipo, it's very important to think about safety in use and charging so that the pack stays in a "safe" condition, and leads do not short. 

Gregg Wonderly 

On 2/20/2012 4:19 PM, Rob wrote: 

On 21/02/12 05:54, Andrew Rich wrote: 

Taking a tracker on a boat and a plane. 

Any good suggestions of battery technology ? 

Are radio control battery packs a good option ? 

Little GELL CELL ? 

Andrew, I've been using SLA, NiMH packs and LiPo packs and I found the LiPos to be the best. The energy to weight ratio is the best choice of the three. SLA are too big and heavy. 
I bought generic LiPos from DFRobot like this one and from Sparkfun like this one . The 7.4v work fine on OpenTracker. You'll need to check the specs of the GPS if it's not operating on the OT 5v regulator. 
I bought a generic automatic LiPo charger from a local RC shop which can do 1 to 4 cells and operates from a 12v supply. 

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